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Lucia: some accidents of Locality

by Douglas M. Bennett

Newsletter 93 and 94 could not do justice to the photographs included in Douglas Bennett's article on the background to Lucia and so larger full colour versions have been added below. The first four photographs are copyright of Douglas Bennett.

Carscreugh Castle

Carscreugh Castle, just outside Glenluce, where the events on which Scott claimed to have based The Bride of Lammermoor took place and home of Janet Dalrymple on whom Lucy (later Lucia) was modelled.


Carscreuch Castle reconstructed

Carscreugh 'riconosciuta'


Baldoon ruins

Baldoon, ancestral home of David Dunbar, the ill fated bridegroom


Hunthill environments

The environs of  Hunthill, home of Lord Archibald Rutherford, the man Janet Dalrymple had wanted to marry.


Hunthill House before alterations

Hunthill House before alterations   




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