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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content from 2002 to 2005. All the main articles from those newsletters have been included below.  Any missing pages are usually either photographs which were omitted in case of any copyright infringement or advertisements or other ephemeral material. You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 2002 (85-87)

Newsletters for 2003 (88-90)

Newsletters for 2004 (91-93)

Newsletters for 2005 (94 -96)



Newsletter 85, February 2002

- Black humour and Il domino nero by Alexander Weatherson (p.5)
Article on Lauro Rossi's 1849 opera that may be downloaded here. An article by Paola Ciarlantini, "Il domino nero di Lauro Rossi ovvero La scandalosa fuga di suor Estella", which was written as part of mounting the production at Jesi in 2001, can be seen at . You have to sign up to to download but you can read the paper online - the link for this is rather faint at the bottom of the Academia webpage.

- Balfe's Italian Operas by Basil Walsh (p.9)
Article on Balfe's Italian operas, see here. Basil Walsh also has a website dedicated to Balfe's non English operas, see .

- Lortzing-Dokumente by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.12)
Article listing many of the recordings of Lortzing's work.  See here

- Louise-Angelique' Bertin, Dilettante or Icon? by Douglas M. Bennett (p.16)
Introductory article on Louise Bertin and her opera La Esmeralda, followed up in the next Newsletter. The libretto was written by Victor Hugo using ideas suggested by his novel, Notre-Dame de Paris. It was the only libretto he wrote. See here

- Gaetano Donizetti, Olivo e Pasquale, by William Desniou (p.20)
Article on a performance of the opera in Royaumont Abbaye. See here

- Primo Ottocento by John Stewart  Allitt (p.21)
Remarks on  two publications:- firstly, Donizetti in Wien, papers from a symposium, edited by L.M Kantner and secondly, Errico Petrella by Sebastian Werr. Published by Primo Ottocento, available from Edition Praesens. See here.

- Alessandro Stradella, Wexford 30 October 2001 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German). (p.25).  See here

- Past, Present and Proposed No. 9 by Pip Clayton (p.27).  See here
Third of four articles on the history of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

- Newsletter 85 included an appendix entitled A dialogue between two composers: Carlo Coccia and Gaetano Donizetti by Alexander Weatherson that was first published in Italian as "L'altra Maria Stuarda: l'omaggio da Carlo Coccia alla Regina della Dissidenza" in Stagione Lirica e Concertista 2001 for a revival of Maria Stuarda at the Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo, December 2001. See here


Newsletter 86, June 2002

- Alucinate Lucie en Lyon by Jorge Binaghi (in Spanish) (p.5).  See here 

- La Esmeralda in Besançon by Douglas M. Bennett (p.6)
A further article on a performance in Besançon of Louise Bertin's 1836 opera with its libretto by Victor Hugo. Newsletter 85 had an introductory article. See here.  Since then, in 2008, a recording has been released by the Orchestre National de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon under Lawrence Foster  on Accord CD 4802341. There were also two appendices not printed in the Newsletter, one was extracts from Henry Fothergill Chorley, Music and Manners in France and Germany: a series of travelling sketches of art and society,  Volume 1, Chapter 1 (see here) and the other was the preface from  Charles Nuittier's Costumes dessinés par Louis Boulanger pour La Esmeralda. See here

- La Esmeralda, Opera Theatre Besançon, 19 Februar 2002 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German). (p.15)
Another view on Bertin's opera.  See here

- In Emilia Donizetti ha la scure facile by Giacomo Branca (in Italian)  (p.18)
Article on Maria Stuarda in Reggio Emilia and Marin Faliero in Parma.  See here

- Elisir di si' perfetta, di si' rara qualita ... /  Masnadieri  by Jorge Binaghi (in Spanish) (p.21).  See here

- La Fattucchiera by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.23)
Article on a performance in Barcelona of  an opera by Vincenc Cuyas de Borés first performed there in 1838. See here

- Una Frusta Musicale (p.27)
Comments on the current state of Mayr scholarship.  See here

- Gioacchino Rossini, Maometto secondo by William Desniou (in French) (p.31)
Article on a performance in Strasbourg, February 3, 2002. See here

- Gaspare Spontini, Fernand Cortez ou la Conquête du Mexique by William Desniou (in French) (p.33)
Article on a performance in Paris, November 22, 2001. See here

- Libri by Jorge Binaghi (in Italian) (p.34)
Comments on Piero Moli's Cento Voci d'Opera and Giorgio Appolonia's Gloria del Belcanto (about Guiditta Pasta). See here


Newsletter 87, October 2002

- Donizetti's Emilia di Liverpool by Alex Liddell (p.3)
Comments on a production in Liverpool in July, 2000.  See here

- Auber's La Muette de Portici by Alexander Weatherson (p.6)
Comments on a production in Aachen in June, 2002, which may be found here.

- Parma: nozze peruviane con pugnale by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.8)
Comments on Verdi's Alzira given as part of the 2002 Verdi Festival in Parma. See here

- Alzira, Teatro Regio di Parma, Juni 2002 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.10)
Another view on the Parma production of Verdi's Alzira . See here

- Mohamet visits Bad Wildbad by Alex Liddell (p.12)
Article on von Winter Maometto and Rossini's Maometto II given as part of the 2002 Wildbad Festival. See here

- Gaetano Donizetti Messa di Requiem by Alex Weatherson (p.16)
Article on Donizetti's Requiem Mass given in Notre Dame de Laeken on April 19, 2002.  See here

- Gl'inganni della somiglinza, Pesaro, 19 August 2002 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.20)
Comments on Generali's opera given as part of the 2002 Pesaro Festival.  See here

- Qualche scoglio, ma Il pirata approda quasi indenne a Parigi by Jorge Binaghi (in Italian)  (p.21)  See here

- News from Ingolstadt by John Stewart Allitt (p.23)
News on various Mayr projects.  See here

- Léonor e non Leonora by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.25)
Comments on the Bologna production of La Favorite. See here

- El Liceu estrena La Favorita en Frances (in Spanish) (p.27).  See here

- Past, Present and Proposed No. 10 by Pip Clayton (p.29)
Fourth and final part of a history of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. See here

- Johann Simon Mayr La Passione, oratorio in 2 parts for soloists, choir and orchestra and Stabat Mater for soloists and orchestra. (p.33)
Article by John Stewart Allitt on works recently recorded on Guild GMCD 7251/2.  See here

- Due Regine: ma è Barbara, Queen of Scots by D.M. Bennett (p.35)
Short comment on the 2002 Edinburgh Festival's concert version of Maria Stuarda. See here

- Libri by Piero Mioli (in Italian) (p.36)
Reviews of Tomasi's Vincenzo Bellini and Paqualino's Gallus cantavit.  See here




Newsletter 88, February 2003

- Donizetti's Il falegame di Livonia by Francesco Belletto (in Italian) (p.4)
Article on the revival of the opera, also known as Pietro il Grande, in St Petersburg as part of the city's founding celebrations. See here

- Two articles on a recent revival of Meyerbeer's Margherita d'Anjou

 - A man for all stagioni by Alexander Weatherson. (p.8).  See here

- Causes and effects by Douglas M. Bennett (p.11).  See here

- ?Diosa, Mujer, Amante? by Jorge Binaghi (in Spanish) (p.12)
Norma in Barcelona.  See here.

- Una Renaissance per Gilbert & Sullivan by Mario Villani (in Italian) (p.15). See here.

- Mercadante's Il Giuramento by Douglas M. Bennett (p.19)
Article on the opera's revival at the 2002 Wexford Festival.  See here

- Wexford Opera Festival 2002 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.21)
Article on Mercadante's Il Giuramento, Auber's Manon Lescaut and Martinu's Mirandolina.  See here

- "Poco... Assai...Cioe'...Secondo" by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.26)
Lucia at Ancona.  See here

- Nini, bloodshed and La marescialla d'Ancre by Alexander Weatherson (p.28)
Background to the opera that was revived in Jesi in September 2003.  See here. A review of the production and photographs can be seen here. A further article can be found in Newsletter 90 .


Newsletter 89, June 2003

- Patti's Palace by Marigold Mann  (p.4)
Short note on a visit to Patti's former house at Craig-y-Nos.  See here for article and here for more information on the house.

- Ugo, conte di Parigi by Alexander Weatherson and John Black  (p.5)
Article on Donizetti's opera. See here

- The Gassman Cometh by Douglas M. Bennett (p.8)
Article on Gassman's 1759 opera, L'Opera seria, revived in Paris in 2003. See here

- Annus Mirabilis Rossiniano by Jorge Binaghi (in Italian) (p.14)
Survey of upcoming Rossini.  See here

- Donizetti et la France 1830-1914 by Stella Rollet (in French) (p.15)
Some remarks on Donizetti and his reception in France - the subject of a longer study and thesis by the author. See here

- Österreich - Wien/Ternitz by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.17)
Anna Bolena at Ternitz (near Vienna).  See here

- Gent val bene una Messa di Gomes by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.20)
Background to a mass by Gomes performed in Ghent, 2003.  See here

 - La Figlia del Salento rende omaggio alla Francia by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.22)
La figlia del reggimento in Lecce. See here

- Elisabeth ou La Fille de l'exilé by Will Crutchfield (p.25)
Piece by piece listing of the performing/critical edition of Will Crutchfield used at the 2003 Caramoor Festival , together with a note of their origin. See here. This list also appears in Will Crutchfield's extensive notes on the opera and its reconstruction.  

Alexander Weatherson also wrote an article entitled "Gli esiliati in Siberia, exile, and Gaetano Donizetti " about one of the opera's other resurrections this time in 1999 for the Festival de Radio France, Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon under the of Gli esiliati in Siberia. The article can be found here.


Newsletter 90, November 2003

- Dying becomes Leonore by Alexander Weatherson (p.3)
Article on Nini's La marescialla d'Ancre which was performed at Jesi in September 2003. See here. Click on this link for a review and photographs of the production.

- CAUSES AND EFFECTS (Part 2) by Douglas Bennett (p.8)
A note on Nini's La marescialla d'Ancre.  See here

- Maria Padilla at Buxton and Ugo conte di Parigi in Bergamo by Alex Liddell. (p.9)
Review of Donizetti's Maria Padilla at the 2003 Buxton Festival and Ugo conte di Parigi in Bergamo. See here for both reviews and here for the review and photos of the Buxton production

- L'accademia di musica in Bad Wildbad by Alex Liddell (p.15)
Review of Mayr's L'accademia di musica at the 2003 Bad Wildbad Festival.  See here

- Torvaldo e Dorliska at Bad Wildbad by Alex Liddell (p.16)
Review of Rossini's Torvaldo e Dorliska at the 2003 Bad Wildbad Festival.  See here

- Belcanto in Bad Wildbad by Sam Eadie (p.17)
Article on the 2003 Bad Wildbad Festival plus a short note on the revival of Donizetti's Marino Faliero in Venice.  See here

- Federico's prison by Alexander Weatherson (p.20)
Article on Federico Ricci whose La Prigione di Edimburgo has been made available from Opera Rara. The article may be found here.  For a view on a previous performance see Bruce Brewer in Newsletter 69

- Lizinka by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.25)
Article on I.A. Zajc's opera Lizinka, first performed in Zagreb in 1878.  See here

- Adelina by Dr Günter R. Gruber (in German) (p.29)
Article on Pietro Generali's opera given in Pesaro, August 9, 12, 2003.  See here



Newsletter 91, February 2004

- Pietro Antonio Coppola  by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian) (p.4)
Short biography of the Sicilian opera composer Pietro Coppola, a contemporary of Rossini who lived until 1877. See here

- Wexford 2003 by Douglas Bennett (p.10)
Comments on last year's Wexford Festival. See here

- Il maestro delle Gabalette? Mercadante's Emma d'Antiochia by Alexander Weatherson (p.14)
Article on the concert performance in London, 22 October, 2003. See here

- Attorno ad Elena e Malvina by Giorgio Appolonia (in Italian) (p.16)
Article on a concert performance of Soliva's opera on 18 October, 2003 at Lugano.  See here

- Lucia de Lammermoor by Eleanor Allitt (p.21)
Comments on some underlying ideas behind Lucia.  See here

- Mayr - a key revival by John S. Allitt (p.25)
Article on a recent revival of Mayr's Atalia at Ingolstadt, 20 September, 2003. See here


Newsletter 92, June 2004

- Hommage à Adolphe Adam pour le bi-centenaire de sa naissance by William Desniou (in French). (p.4)
Articles on Adam's Le Toréador ou l'Accord parfait, which was recently performed in Paris and Le Postillon de Lonjumeau, which was recently performed in Dijon. Also a concise discography.  See here

- Elvida's horrid destiny reversed by Alexander Weatherson (p.10)
History and comments on a little known opera that has been recorded by Opera Rara for future release. See here

- A visit to Donizetti by Basil Walsh (p.12)
A short note on a visit the Irish composer Michael Balfe and his wife Lina made to see Donizetti in 1845 during the latter's final illness. See here.  Basil Walsh was webmaster for that is dedicated to Balfe's life and works.

- Amore, Odio, Assassinio by Lukas Franceschini (in Italian) (p.13)
Article on Verdi's I Masnadieri recently performed in Bologna. See here

- Marathon Salamis by Alexander Weatherson with synopsis by Georgios Leotsakos (p.16)
An article on the Greek composer Paolo Carrer's opera of 1866 that was recently given its world premiere in Athens. See here.  Two additional production photographs have been included.  The synopsis can be found here.  A CD of Carrer's Despo was released in 2006.

- Con Hans Heiling dall' Alsazia alla Sardegna by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.20)
Article on performances of Marscher's opera in Strasbourg and Cagliari.  See here

- Inaugurata la Stagione 2003/4 del Teatro all Scala by Lukas Franceschini (p.24)
Article on Rossini's Möise et Pharaon (in Italian). See here

- Don Pasquale, Stadttheater St. Gallen, 22 Jänner, 2004 by Dr. Günter R.Gruber (in German) (p.26)
Review of the performance. See here

- Lillo and the unhappy Caterino Howard by Alexander Weatherson (p.28)
Articles on the composer Giuseppe Lillo (1814-1863) and on his tragic opera Caterina Howard staged in Naples in 1849. See here


Newsletter 93, October 2004

- LUCIA: some accidents of locality (Part 1) by Douglas M. Bennett (p.3)
The first of two articles reflecting on the Scottish historical and physical background of Sir Walter Scott's novel, The Bride of Lammermoor, which was to get its operatic transformation by Donizetti and Cammarano as Lucia di Lammermoor. See here.  Larger versions of some of the pictures illustrating the article can be found here.  

- Pietro il Grande, Martina Franca, 25 Juli 2004 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.10)
Article on Donizetti's Pietro il Grande from the 2004 Martina Franca festival. See here

- Il falegname v Il falegname by Alexander Weatherson (p.12)
Comparisons between Pacini and Donizetti's operas both called Il falegname di Livonia, the latter also known by the title Pietro il grande. The article may be found here. It differs slightly from the printed article and contains an extra picture.  The Newsletter article also included a short review of the Martina Franca performance, see here.

- Ines de Castro di Giuseppe Persiani: riflessioni su una "riscoperta" di Paola Ciarlantini (in Italian) (p.16)
Article listing the many operatic versions of the Ines de Castro story as well as detailing the fortunes of Persiani's opera including its most recent revival at Jesi. The author was responsible for the performing version of that revival. See here.

- Il trionfo delle belle, Pesaro, 7 August 2004 by Dr. Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.24)
Review of Pavesi's opera from the 2004 Rossini opera. See here

- CHE ORIGINALI a Venezia, 15 maggio 2004 by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.25)
Review of Mayr's opera.  See here

- Bravo Gelsenkirchen! by Sam Eadie (p.26)
Short reviews of Donizetti's Rosmonda d'Inghelterra and Offenbach's Les Brigands performed at the Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen together with two photographs from the performance.  See here

- Il Corsaro di Pacini alla Casa della Musica di Parma, 12 giugno 2004 by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.27)
Article on Pacini's opera recently revived in a concert version with piano in Parma. See here

- Ponchielli's I Promessi sposa by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.31)
Article on Ponchielli's opera now available on Bongiovanni GB 2356/57.  See here



Newsletter 94, February 2005

- More Mayr Milestones by John Stewart Allitt (p.5)
Comments on a new recording of Mayr's Sisara as well as the publication of the conference proceedings of  Mayr a S. Maria Maggiore: 1802-1822. See here 

- LUCIA: some accidents of locality ( Part 2) by Douglas M. Bennett  (p.7)
The second of two articles (the first can be found in Newsletter 93) reflecting on the Scottish historical and physical background of Sir Walter Scott's novel, The Bride of Lammermoor, and the various transformations it has had including that by Donizetti and Cammarano as Lucia di Lammermoor.  See here. Larger versions of some of the pictures illustrating the article can be found here

- "O beau pays...!" le retour de Meyerbeer sur les scènes françaises by William Desniou (In French). (p.14)
Comments on performances of   L'Africaine (Strasbourg, Opéra national du Rhin, vendredi 11 juin, 2004) and Les Huguenots (Metz, Opéra Théâtre, samedi, 12 juin 2004) (in French).  A discography of both operas is also included.  See here.

- Mabellini, political survival and Il conte di Lavagna by Alexander Weatherson. (p.17)
Article on the 19th century composer, close associate of Mercadante and perhaps better known as a conductor. See here .

- Un volume su Arnaldo Furlotti, review by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian). (p.24)
A commentary on a recent book by Giuliano Colla e Gaspare Nello Vetro on Arnaldo Furlotti: priest, musician, composer and conductor. See here.

- Nymphen mit Trockeneis by Geerd Heinsen (in German). (p.26)
Article on Offenbach's  Die Rheinnixen and its recent production at the Slovenia National Opera in Ljubljana. See here.


Newsletter 95, June 2005

- Maria in Minnesota by Charles Jernigan (p.4)
Review of the 2005 production of Donizetti's Maria Padilla in Minnesota. See here. Pictures and other comments on the production can be found here.

- Arrighetto or squaring up to Rossini by Alexander Weatherson  (p.7)
Article on Coccia's Arrighetto planned for revival at this year's Pesaro Festival (August 10, 13). See here - picture on p.8 omitted.

- Maometto II by Alex Liddell (p.10)
Review of  Rossini's opera given at La Fenice, Venice, 28 & 30 January, 2005. See here

- Tudor Madness in Brecon and Craig-Y-Nos, 5th and 6th March, 2005 by Douglas Bennett. (p.12)
Review of the Opera School Wales production of Donizetti's Anna Bolena together with some comments on the theatre.  The article and photographs of the production can be found here.

- Pia de' Tolomei in Venice by Alex Liddell (p.14)
Review of  Donizetti's opera given at La Fenice, Venice, 17 & 19 April, 2005.  This and the next article, also on Pia can be found here.

- "Pia" tra Pop Art e Raffaello by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.15)
Another view of  Donizetti's opera given at La Fenice, Venice on 17 April, 2005. This and the previous article, also on Pia can be found here.

- Pias Momente by Geerd Heinsen (in German). (p.18)
A further view of  Donizetti's opera given at La Fenice, Venice. See here.

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth-Century by Pip Clayton. (p.20)
The first of a series of articles on the reception of operas in London during the 19th century drawing on press reports and lithographs and prints of the time starting with Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor. See here

- Un valente alunno di Mercadante: Vincenzo Moscuzza by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian). (p.24)
Article on Moscuzza with a focus on his opera Stradella trovatore del 1600. See here

- Ouverture and beginners please by Alexander Weatherson. (p.28)
Review of Philippe Thanh, Donizetti, Actes Sud/Classica, Paris, 2005, 192 p., ISBN 2-7427-5481-4.  This is the first complete modern study in French on Donizetti. See . Alex commented that " the text is balanced and the judgement mature: [Thanh] is at his best when he touches upon France and Donizetti's Parisian career as you would expect, when the insights gather and the ambience is very skillfully evoked". See here for full review.


Newsletter 96, October 2005

- A mystery solved by Constantin Erbiceanu (p.4)
Article on the burial place in Istanbul of Donizetti's brother, Giuseppe, who was in charge of the Sultan's music. See here  

- Meyerbeer, Les Huguenots by William Desniou (in French) (p.7)
Review of the recent performance at Liège.  The review and photographs from the production can be found here.

- Les Huguenots by Alan Jackson (p.9)
Further article on the Liège production of Meyerbeer's opera. See here.

- Anna Bolena by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.11)
Review of the production of Donizetti's opera in Torino on May 15, 2005 (see here), photographs of which can be found here.

 - Glücklicher Bühnenausfall by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.14)
Comments on Meyerbeer's Margherita D'Anjou performed in Leipzig, May 27, 2005. See here.

- Arrighetto by Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.15)
Article on the Pesaro production of Coccia's opera.  See here

- La finti filosofi by Günter R Gruber (in German) (p.16)
Article on the production of Spontini's opera as part of the 5th Pergolesi/Spontini festival in Jesi and Umgebung. See here

- One size fits all: Pacini's Gli arabi nelle Gallie by Alexander Weatherson
Article on Pacini's opera, which may be found here.

- L'Armonia by John Stewart Allitt (p.26)
Article on the Ingolstadt production of Mayr's opera.  See here

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century by Pip Clayton (p.27)
Second part of an extended article on the performance history in London of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor. See here.  The first part was in Newsletter 95.

- Maria di Rohan - Last of the line or a new beginning? by Douglas M. Bennett (p.32)
Article on the forthcoming production of Donizett's opera at Wexford. See here


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