Small picture of Donizetti



Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor

West Australian Opera, His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, Australia, July 14-21, 2012.

Photographs by James Rogers, courtesy of  West Australian Opera.


William Yeoman in The West Australian (July 16, 2012) wrote of West Australian Opera's production of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor that "Last week I was ready to rail in this review against tired productions of overlong operas foisted on a taxpaying public which deserves better. After Saturday night, I changed my mind." Despite its origins as a 1980's production (apparently originally done for Joan Sutherland), he found that it still worked well reinforced by the good all round performances from soloists, chorus and orchestra with Emma Matthews , a "dazzling" Lucia, having a palpable chemistry with the Edgardo, the "golden-toned" Garrett Sorenson.  Paul Hopwood, The Australian (July 16, 2012), was of the same opinion entitling his review "The Cast meets high expectations", although he was less sympathetic to the traditional production.  Sandra Bowdler, Opera Britannica (July 29, 2012) was particularly taken with Matthews performance and while finding the odd blemish elsewhere summarised the whole that "Despite its age, including a certain dated quality in the costumes, the production worked well in terms of its dramatic qualities and deployment of a large body of performers around His Majesty‚Äôs relatively diminutive stage. Most importantly, the casting of Emma Matthews in the title role, and a good supporting cast, ensured a fine night of opera."

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The Team


Normano -  Andrew Foote

Enrico -  James Clayton

Raimondo -  Daniel Sumegi

Lucia -  Emma Matthews

Alisa -   Sarah-Janet Brittenden

Edgardo -  Garrett Sorenson

Arturo -  David Woodward



Conductor - Brad Cohen

Original Director - John Copley

Rehearsal Director - Julie Edwardson

Set Designer- Henry Bardon

Costume Designer - Michael Stennett

Lighting Designer - Donn Byrnes


Edgardo and Lucia



Lucia and Raimondo



Arturo, Enrico, Raimondo and Lucia in the wedding scene



Enrico, Lucia and Raimondo in the wedding scene



Lucia and Edgardo in the wedding scene



Lucia (Mad scene)



Edgardo (Final scene)




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