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Rossini, Il Turco in Italia

Garsington Opera, Wormsley Park,  High Wycombe, June 3 - July 3, 2011.

Garsington Opera Pavilion photographs by Richard Davies and Denis Gilbert,
Il Turco in Italia photographs by Mike Hoban,
courtesy of Garsington Opera


This year, Garsington Opera moved into their new opera pavilion at Wormsley.



The following photographs by Mike Hoban are from Rossini's Il Turco in Italia, one of their three productions, the others being Vivaldi's La verità in cimento  and Mozart's The Magic Flute.  The production was definitely a hit for George Hall in The Guardian , Giles Woodforde in The Oxford Times and Paul Levy in The Wall Street Journal.

 The Team

Fiorella -   Rebecca Nelsen

Selim   -   Quirijn de Lang

Geronio -  Geoffrey Dolton

Poeta -  Mark Stone

Narciso -  David Alegret

Zaida -  Victoria Simmonds

Albazar - Nicholas Sharratt


Conductor -  David Parry

Director  -  Martin Duncan

Designer -  Francis O’Connor

Lighting Designer - Bruno Poet

Movement -   Nick Winston


The Garsington Opera Orchestra and chorus



 Rebecca Nelsen (Fiorilla)


 Victoria Simmonds (Zaida),Quirijn de Lang (Selim), David Alegret (Don Narciso), Rebecca Nelsen (Fiorilla),
Geoffrey Dolton (Geronio)


Victoria Simmonds (Zaida) and chorus


 Rebecca Nelsen (Fiorilla), Mark Stone (Poet) at top


Geoffrey Dolton (Geronio), Rebecca Nelsen (Fiorilla), Quirijn de Lang (Selim)


 Geoffrey Dolton (Geronio), Rebecca Nelsen (Fiorilla)





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