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Donizetti, The Daughter of the Regiment

St. Louis,  May 28 - June 26, 2011.

Photographs copyright Ken Howard, courtesy of the Opera Theater of St Louis


Photographs from the St Louis production of Donizetti's opera, part of their 2011 Festival season. In the manner of recent productions, the Duchess of Crackentorp is played by a well known personality, who is encouraged to expand the role with various self references but which risks spoiling the pace of a production. In this case the Duchess was the singer Sylvia McNair and she appears to have rather overstayed her welcome for Sarah Bryan Miller,, who otherwise  clearly enjoyed the production, "a thorough delight", once she had got over the fact that the French soldiers were wearing red rather than blue. She noted that, although it is a light comic opera, " it makes some serious vocal demands. This cast was up to it".

For Robert Duffy, The St Louis Beacon, McNair alone was worth the price of admission and after some tussling with his conscience about the role of such operas given the state of the world, he also gave himself over to its enjoyment, "beautiful, hilarious, infectious", rationalising that  "In times of trial (and when in the history of the world have men and women not lived in times of trial?) the breather may gain us healthy passage through our dismal history, so it becomes a coping mechanism, a means of survival. It is the landing on the steep stairway, a place to catch your breath."   

Lew Prince in the Riverfront Times confined himself to the performance which he found "Beautifully sung, artfully staged, frothy and entertaining".


The Team


Marie - Ashley Emerson

Tonio - René Barbera

Sulpice - Dale Travis

Marquise of Berkenfeld - Dorothy Byrne

Duchess of Crackentorp - Sylvia McNair


Conductor - John McDaniel

Director - Seán Curran

Stage and costume Designer - James Schuette

Lighting - Christopher Akerlind


Part of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestrav





Tonio and Marie



Chorus with Tonio and with Marie



Marie and Sulpice                                                          Sulpice, Tonio and Marie



Sulpice, Marie, Marquise of Berkenfeld and Hortensius

Duchess of Crackentorp





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