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Rossini's Armida

Garsington Opera, June 2010.

Photographs by Johan Persson, provided courtesy of  Garsington Opera.


The Team

Armida - Jessica Pratt

Rinaldo - Victor Ryan Robertson

Gernando/Ubaldo - David Alegret

Goffredo/Carlo - Bogdan Mihai

Idraote/Astarotte - Christophoros Stamboglis

Eustazio - Nicholas Watts


Conductor  - David Parry

Director  - Martin Duncan

Designer - Ashley Martin-Davis

Lighting Designer - Malcolm Rippeth

Choreographer - Michael Popper

The Garsington Opera Orchestra and Chorus


Rupert Christiansen in the Telegraph, June 10, 2010 thought that "the piece would test the resources of the grandest opera house, and Garsington is to be congratulated on its efforts" and, even though he had major reservations about the design, "fortunately there was enough good singing to keep one focused" .  Andrew Clements in The Guardian, June 8, 2010 was more relaxed about the design but again emphasised "the musical performance under David Parry [that] sweeps more or less everything before it".  As with Christiansen, he particularly highlighted Jessica Pratt and Bogdan Mihal. Paul Levy, (Wall Street Journal, June 11, 2010) and Keiron Quirke (London Evening Standard, June 7, 2010) were also generally enthusiastic about the performance.


Jessica Pratt (Armida)


 David Alegret (Gernando) and Victor Ryan Robertson (Rinaldo) with Jessica Pratt (Armida)


Jessica Pratt (Armida)


 Nicholas Watts (Eustazio), Bogdan Mihai (Goffredo)




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