Small picture of Donizetti




 Donizetti's  Don Pasquale

Den Norske Opera, Oslo, September 2009

Photographs by E. Berg, provided by François de Carpentries.


The Team

Don Pasquale - Ketil Hugaas / Carsten Stabell

Dr Malatesta - Espen Langvik

Ernesto - Sergey Romanovsky / Ulf Øien

Norina - Eli Kristin Hanssveen / Silvia Moi


Conductor: Steuart Bedford

Staging and Light: François de Carpentries

Dramaturgy: Karine Van Hercke

Set design: Emmanuel Clolus

Costumes: Jorge Jara

François de Carpentries has provided the following commentary on the recent successful run of Don Pasquale at Den Norske Opera in Oslo.

This production of Don Pasquale was originally created in Theatre de la Monnaie, Brussels in 1998 with maestro Philippe Jordan, Dorothea Röschmann, Alberto Rinaldi, Gary Magee and Juan José Lopera. It was then revived at Théâtres de Namur and Théâtre de Mons in 1999, in Opéra de Rennes with maestro Giuseppe Grazioli in 2001 and in 2002 again for La Monnaie Brussels with maestro Alessandro De Marchi, Diana Damrau, Joseph Calleja, Roman Trekel and Giovanni Furlanetto and for Opéra National de Lyon with maestro Maurizio Benini.

Since then there have been revivals in Opéra National du Rhin in 2003 (Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse) with maestro Giuliano Carella, in Theater Krefeld, also 2003, with maestro Jackson, in Den Norske Opera in Oslo in 2004 with maestro Tobias Ringborg, in Theater Mönchengladbach in 2005 with maestro Giuliano Betta and finally in 2009 with maestro Steuart Bedford, it again made a triumphal return to Den Norske Opera. Thus, altogether there have been 91 performances with 12 different cast of singers. Although the production now belongs to Den Norske Opera it is still available to any other interested houses.

Attached are some photographs from the production taken by E. Berg. They cover several different casts and years and names are included in the relevant photographs.


Don Pasquale (Carsten Stabell) and Dr. Malatesta (Espen Langvik)



Norina (Silvia Moi) and Don Pasquale (Carsten Stabell)



Ernesto ( Sergey Romanovski)  and Norina (Eli Kristin Hanssvesnn)



Norina (Eli Kristin Hanssvesnn)



Norina (Silvia Moi)



Norina (Elizabeth Norbeg-Schulz) and Don Pasquale (Carsten Stabell)






Page initially published in  2009