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Donizetti's Il furioso all'isola di S.Domingo

Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, September - December, 2006.


Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen once again included a rare bel canto opera in its season with Donizetti's Il furioso all'isola di S.Domingo.  

The photographs are by Rudolf Majer-Finkes and are copyright Foto Majer-Finkes, Langekampstraße 4, 44652 Herne (Wanne-Eickel), Germany.  They were kindly provided by the Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen.

The cast was:-

Eleonora - Hrachuhí Bassénz

Fernando - Sergio Blazquez

Bartolomeo - Nicolai Karnolsky

Cardenio - Jee-Hyun Kim

Marcella - Deanne Wells

Kaidamá - Melih Tepretmez


Conductor - Cosima Sophia Osthoff

Director - Andreas Baesler

Design and costumes - Harald Thor and Ulli Kremer.

Alan Jackson reviewed the September 10th  performance in Newsletter 99.  He wrote that “the opera is fascinating and moving, the musical performance is mostly outstanding, and the production is carefully thought-through and brilliantly executed.  OK - if you insist on the stage picture looking like a Caribbean island and every detail of the improbable plot being followed, then perhaps you had better stay away.  But, make no mistake, you will be denying yourself a wonderful evening of music-theatre.”   The director, Andreas Baesler, was singled out for particular praise for creating such a convincing drama as were the acting and elegant singing of Jee-Hyun Kim, the physicality of Melih Tepretmez's acting and the warmth and dazzling coloratura of Hrachuhí Bassénz.  An outstanding performance that was rewarded “with rapt concentration and then extended warm applause.”


Deanne Wells (Marcella), Hrachuhí Bassénz (Eleonora), Melih Tepretmez (Kaidamá)und Herrenchor des MiR


Jee-Hyun Kim (Cardenio), Melih Tepretmez (Kaidamá)



Hrachuhí Bassénz (Eleonora), Jee-Hyun Kim (Cardenio)



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