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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content from 2010-2013. You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 2010 (109 - 111)

Newsletters for 2011 (112 - 114)

Newsletters for 2012 (115 - 117)

Newsletters for 2013 (118 - 120)



Newsletter 109, February 2010

- Oberto, conte di San Bonifacio e il brodo di trippa by Francesco Cento (in Italian) (p. 3)
Article on Verdi's opera

- Jacopo Foroni: an Italian maestro in Stockholm by Philip Gossett (p.6)
The Italian composer who died young having spent much of his artistic life in Sweden.

- A cornerstone of the repertory by Alexander Weatherson (p. 15)
Review of  Clarissa Lablache Cheer's book, The Great Lablache, (Xlibris Corp., 2009) on her ancestor Luigi Lablache.

- Review of  Gilles de Van's Gaetano Donizetti (Bleu nuit éditeur, 2009) by Stella Rollet (in French) (p.16).  
The review can be found here.

- Nuove Prospettive della critica Rossiniana by Federico Fornoni (in Italian) (p.18)
Review of Giovanni Carli Ballola's Rossini, L'uomo, la musica, Bompiani, Milan, 2009.

- La fidanzata corsa by Alexander Weatherson (p.22)
Article, including scene plan, on Pacini's opera.

- ..Scendevasi per una scala di cantina by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.30)
Article and review of Donizetti's Linda di Chamounix performed in Bergamo

- Due furtive lagrime...tra stelle e lucciole by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.33)
Article and review of Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore performed in Bergamo

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth-Century No.10 by Pip Clayton (p.36)
The first of three articles on Jenny Lind, part of in a series on opera in London in the 19th century.

- Io, Pasquale di corneto by Jorge Binaghi (in Italian) (p. 41)
Short article on Donizetti's Don Pasquale at L'Opera Royal de Wallonie in Liege.


Newsletter 110, June 2010

-- Nurnberg: Donizetti-Rarität by Rolf Fath (in German) (p.3)
Review of Donizetti's Emilia di Liverpool at Nürnberg.  Photographs and other comments on the production can be found here.

- Live streaming from the Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Liège  by Russell Burdekin (p.6)
Comments on the Opéra Royal de Wallonie's recent streaming  of I Capuleti e I Montecchi, Rigoletto, Rita and Il Campanello di notte.

- Da Venezia a Cipro via Amsterdam by Chiara Plazzi (in Italian) (p. 8)
Article on Radio Netherlands broadcast of Donizetti's Caterina Cornaro.

- Il ritorno di Mayr by Alexander Weatherson (p. 12)
Article on the revival of Mayr's Il ritorno d'Ulisse at Regensburg. The article may be found here.

- Un Bellini Veneziano a Liegi by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (p. 17)
Review of  Bellini's I Capuleti e I Montecchi at Liège, photographs of which can be found here .

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century No. 11 - Lind Mania 2 by Pip Clayton (p. 18)
The second of three articles on Jenny Lind, part of in a series on opera in London in the 19th century.

- Lurline by W V Wallace (p.26)
Background to the recent recording of Wallace's Lurline by Victorian Opera Northwest. Further details and excerpts can be found here.

- Crónicas del Buenos Aires de Antaño by César A Dillon (in Spanish) (p.27)
History of Donizetti productions in Buenos Aires from 1888 - 1898.


Newsletter 111, October 2010

- A run-up to Maria di Rohan by Alexander Weatherson (p.4)
Summaries of 4 operas:- Coccia's Caterina di Guisa,  Ricci's Un duello sotto Richelieu, Lillo's Il conte de Chalais and Pacini's Maria Contessa di Rohan, that used the same same history and sometimes the same plot, prior to Donizetti's Maria di Rohan.

- Summer Bel Canto in New York State by Dan Foley (p.8)
Comments on performances of Donizetti's Viva la mamma! (Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali) (Lake George Opera) and Donizetti's Maria di Rohan and Bellini's Norma (Caramoor Festival). The Caramoor Festival review can be found here.

- Maria di Rohan by Alexander Weatherson (p.13)
Notes for a lecture on Donizetti's opera covering the historical background of the plot and the opera's composition.

- Conquests in Copenhagen, Caramoor with Buxton to come (p. 20)
Brief article noting the recent performances of the opera by the Danske Belcanto Selskab (Danish Bel Canto Society) and the Caramoor Festival (reviewed above by Dan Foley) and one to come at the 2011 Buxton Festival.

- Rita ou Le Mari Battu et Il Campanello a Liège by Stella Rollet (in French)    (p.21) 
Review of  the Donizetti double bill at Liège on May 9, 2010.

- Donizetti's  Il Campanello and Rita, ou Le Mari Battu by Charles Jernigan (p.22)
Another view on the Donizetti double bill at Liège.

- Quella Lucia a Sestri Ponente (Genova) by Francesco Cento (in Italian)  (p. 27)
Some research findings on 19th century performances of Donizetti's operas in Genoa.

- Cleopatra von Lauro Rossi by Geerd Heinsen (in German)  (p.30)
Background and summary of the plot of the opera which was performed at the 2008 Sferisterio Opera Festival, Mascerata and is now available on DVD, Naxos 2.110279 . A review of the DVD in English can be found here.

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century No. 12 - Lind Mania 3 by Pip Clayton (p. 34)
The third of three articles on Jenny Lind, part of in a series on opera in London in the 19th century.



Newsletter 112, February 2011

-  Don Pasquale a Bergamo by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian)  (p.4)
Review of the 2010 Donizetti Festival production of Donizetti's opera.

- Donizetti intimo by Alexander Weatherson (p.7)
Background to Donizetti's opera Belisario and its possible relationship to Donizetti's psychological state at the time.

- Michele Novaro by Francesco Canto (in Italian) (p. 11)
Short biography of the composer of the Italian national anthem.

- Mercadante: I Normanni a Parigi (Highlights)  by Dan Foley (p.17)
Review of  the Opera Rara recording ORR 249 .

- Studioso italiano scopre a Madrid un'opera perduta di Mercadante (in Italian)  (p.20)
Reprint of the la Repubblica article  on the discovery of the score of Mercadante's I due Figaro, which will be staged at the Salzburg Whitsun Festival , June 10 & 12.

- Una "fritola" a San Pietroburgo by Eduardo Rescigno (in Italian)  (p.22)
Some episodes from Verdi and Giuseppina's visit to Russia for the premiere of Forza del destino from the letters of Adelaide Ristori.

- Un Verdi Parigino in Olanda by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian)  (p.23)
Review of a performance of Verdi's Les Vêpres siciliennes in Amsterdam, September 23, 2010.

- Pesaro 2010 - Rossini in Translation? by Alan Jackson (p.26)
Review of the 2010 Pesaro Rossini Festival.

- "Semiramide".  Voix ravageuses, décor ravagé, Zerra super Maestro by Michel Quenon (in French) (p.29)
Review of the Vlaamse Opera production of Rossini's Semiramide

- Past, Present and Proposed No. 11 by Pip Clayton (p. 31)
Article on the 18th century history of The Queen's, The King's, His Majesty's and Her Majesty's in the Haymarket. (Part 1 - Part 2 is in October's Newsletter 114).


Newsletter 113, June 2011

- 'Deux Hommes et une femme' (otherwise Rita)  (p. 3)
Paragraph on the new critical score.

- Giuseppe Donizetti Pascià  by Alexander Weatherson  (p. 4)
Summary of a 2007 conference on Giuseppe Donizetti and his relationship with Gaetano Donizetti.  This has now been published by the Fondazione Donizetti.

- Linda, I Poniatowsky, e una lettera di Verdi by Eduardo Rescigno  (p. 8)   (in Italian)

- Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali by Giulia Vannoni  (p.11)   (in Italian)
Article on a recent production in Livorno

- Persiani and Rubini - Dublin 1838 by Basil Walsh  (p.13)
Article on a concert in Dublin starring Fanny Taccinardi-Persiani and Giovanni Battista Rubini.  See here for the article.

- Was it really so bad? by Russell Burdekin  (p.17)
Response to the frequently hostile reception to ENO's production of  Lucrezia Borgia directed by Mike Figgis. See here for photographs and comment.

- Das verkannte Hauptwerk by Michael Wittman  (p.20)  (in German)
Article on Nicolai's Die Heimkehr des Verbannten and Oper Chemnitz recent production of  it

- La Prigione di Edimburgo; a capital and enthusiastic farrago by Douglas Bennett (p.32)
Article on the recent Edinburgh Grand Opera semi-staged performance of the opera.

- Il teatro della villa della Duchessa di Galliera degli aristocratici "dilettanti" del Settecento
by Francesco Cento (p.34)  (in Italian)
Article on the villa Brignole-Sale di Voltri and its theatre.


Newsletter 114, October 2011

- Enrico di Borgogna ( p.2)
Short history, role disposition and opera numbers.  The opera will be given in 2012 in Vadstena

- An opera for a commemorative year:  Gemma di Vergy by Alexander Weatherson (p.5)
Article on the recent performances of the opera in Bergamo.  See here for photographs and comment.

- Grandioses Opernereignis, Joseph Martin Kraus: Aeneas in Karthago by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.12)
Article on the recent revival of Kraus's opera in Berlin

- In praise of Andrew Greenwood (and Donizetti) by Alan Jackson (p.13)
Comments on this year's Buxton Festival production of Maria di Rohan, the final year of Andrew Greenwood's tenure as artistic director

- "Il dolce suono" del Rimpianto by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian)  (p.15)
Review of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor in Turin.

- Donizetti: Un Colpo di Fulmine per sempre Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian)  (p.18)
Reflections on Gregory Kunde's appearance in Donizetti's Poliuto last year in Bergamo (see here for the article and photographs of the production)

- As sung by Alan Jackson (p.22)
Article on the validity or otherwise of decorations introduced by sopranos into  "Una voce poco fa" from Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia.

- Past, Present and Proposed No. 12 by Pip Clayton (p. 25)
Article on the 18th century history of The Queen's, The King's, His Majesty's and Her Majesty's in the Haymarket.(Part 2 - Part 1 was in February's Newsletter 112)

- Now is the Winter of our Discontent Made glorious Summer by Douglas M Bennett (p. 32)
Comments on the state of bel canto opera.



Newsletter 115, February 2012

- October in Wexford (and New York) by Charles Jernigan (p. 3)
Reflections on Donizetti's Anna Bolena with Angela Meade at the Metropolitan Opera and Donizetti's Gianni di Parigi ( see here for photographs and further comment) and Thomas' La Cour de Célimène at Wexford.

- Un exilé lyrique - Achille de Lauzières by Alexander Weatherson (p.10)
A brief account of the career and a list of the opera librettos of the librettist, poet, translator and critic,  Achille de Lauzières. The article can be downloaded here.

- Retracing Mercadante's Iberian Adventures: A conversation with Paolo Cascio by Dan Foley (p.19)
Interview with the editor of Mercadante's I due Figaro, which given its first modern performance last year (see Newsletter 112 for more about that), and who is currently working on an edition of Mercadante's Francesca di Rimini.

- 'Io son conte, duca sono...'  by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (p.24, in Italian)
A short history of Verdi's Ernani and comments on the production at the Teatro Verdi, Sassari.

- Four theatres, The Queen's, The King's, His Majesty's and Her Majesty's in the Haymarket by Pip Clayton  (p.27)The history of the four theatres in the run up to the end of the 18th century and the start of the 19th, with a focus on the operas of Mayr and Donizetti that were given there.


Newsletter 116, June 2012

- Jone de Petrella by José Luis Sáenz (p.6, in Spanish)
A short article on the soprano Adelaida Negri  and the revival of Petrella's Jone in Caracas in 1981.

- Madame Stoltz Reconsidered by Alexander Weatherson (p. 9)
An article on Rosine Stoltz, the prima donna who played a major part in Donizetti's operas for the Paris Opéra. The article can be seen here.

- I Donizetti e la "Giovine Italia" by Francesco Cento (p.12, in Italian)
An article on the relationship of Donizetti and his nephew to the "Young Italy" movement of Giuseppe Mazzini

- Maria Regina d'Inghilterra by Walter Wiertz (p.15)
Background and review of  the March 17 performance of Pacini's opera, part of the review and photographs of the production can be seen here.

- Joanna de Flandres by Geerd Heinsen (p.18, in German)
An article on Gomes opera and its revival in Sao Paolo in 2005, which is available on CD

- Zürich, 8 and 10 May 2012 by Alan Jackson, (p.21)
Review of the Donizetti Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali and I pazzi per progetto double bill and his Poliuto at the Zürich opera house.

- La Muette de Portici by Alan Jackson, (p.22)
Review of the April 11 performance of Auber's opera at the Opéra Comique in Paris, photographs of which can be seen here.

- Monsigny's Le Roi et le Fermier by Douglas Bennett, (p.24)
Review of a performance at the Opéra Royale, Versailles on February 5, 2012.

- Four theatres, The Queen's, The King's, His Majesty's and Her Majesty's in the Haymarket by Pip Clayton  (p.27)Continuation of the history from Newsletter 115 into the early 19th century with a focus on the Donizetti operas performed.

- William Vincent Wallace by Alexander Weatherson (p.34)
Review of Andrew Lamb's recently published book on Wallace.  See the "Books on Wallace" section here for details of the book.


Newsletter 117, October 2012

- Enrico de Borgogna and Le Duc d'Albe by Alexander Weatherson (pp.3-11)
Article on the two operas, which received their rather belated premières this year. Photographs of the productions may be found here and here.

- Il Ritorno del carnefice, Le Duc d'Albe di Donizetti ad anversa e gand by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian)   (pp.12-15)
Another view on the Opera Vlaamse production of  Le Duc d'Albe.

- Mercadante rediscovered, I briganti in Bad Wildbad by Walter Wiertz (pp.16-18)
Article on the opera which was staged as part of the Rossini in Wildbad festival.

- Belisario by Antonino Titone in Italian and German  (pp.19-21)
Italian translation of Eduard Hanslick's comments on Donizetti's Belisario  (with the original German).

- Maria Stuarda receives its first performance ever in New Zealand by Jeremy Commons  (pp.22-23)
Short article on recent New Zealand première.

- A cantata ritrova  by  Mario Villani (in Italian) (p. 23)
A short communication on the recently discovered manuscript of Donizetti's Cantata per la partenza del Lugotenente Generale Marchese Ugo delle Favare

- Donizetti at Milan and Venice by James Keolker (pp.24-26)
Reviews of Don Pasquale (La Scala) and L'elisir d'amore (La Fenice).

- Un po' di luce su Teodoro Ghezzi by Mario Villani (in Italian) (pp.27-30)
Article on Donizetti's friend, the artist Teodoro Ghezzi.

- Four theatres, The Queen's, The King's, His Majesty's and Her Majesty's in the Haymarket by Pip Clayton   (p.31)Continuation of the history from Newsletters 115 & 116 into the later 19th century.



Newsletter 118, February 2013

- Musica adatta all'intelligenza ed alle esigenze del pubblico": Giuseppe Verdi, Errico Petrella and their Audience by Sebastian Werr (pp.4- 7)
It is Errico Petrella's 200th anniversary this year and this article describes his career and its relationship to that of his exact contemporary Verdi.

- Errico Petrella a Genova by Francesco Cento (in Italian) (pp.8-11)  
The first part of a short history of Petrella's time in Genoa.  The second part is in Newsletter 119.

- Donizetti at Ivry  by Alexander Weatherson (pp.12-17)  
Account of the place near Paris where Donizetti was taken when he began his final illness

- Donizetti et la France  by Stella Rollet (in French)  (pp.18-19)  
The introduction to a thesis on Donizetti reception in France from 1831  to 1897.

- Estreno de "I due Figaro" de Mercadante en Buenos Aires by José Luis Sáenz (in Spanish) (pp.19-20)  
Review of a recent revival of Mercadante's opera in Buenos Aires.  Newsletter 112  included an article on the original production.

- An American Premier: Amore Opera's Captivating Olivo e Paquale by Richard Beams (pp.21-22)
A short history of one of Donizetti's early operas and short review of its premier last October  in America. The article can be found here.

- Robert le Diable by Alan Jackson (p. 23)
Short review of the December 18 performance at Covent Garden. See here for photographs and other comment.

- Maria Stuarda al festival Donizetti di Bergamo by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p. 24-26)
Review of the recent production at Bergamo plus a short summary of the "Donizetti in scena" conference.

- Bellini: Beatrice di Tenda by Dan Foley (p.27-28)  
Review of a performance at Carnegie Hall, New York on December 5, 2012.

- Her Majesty's Theatre in the Haymarket by Pip Clayton (p.29-32)
Final instalment of a history of London Theatres, which has been running over previous Newsletters.


Newsletter 119, June 2013

- L'assedio di Calais and its two act version by Alexander Weatherson (pp.4-7)
Commentary on the score used in the recent revival of the opera by English Touring Opera.  See here for photographs and commentary.

- Raising the Siege: English Touring Opera's L'assedio di Calais by Alan Jackson (p.86)
Another view on the ETO production.

- "Quando mai tiranne stelle", un'aria per Semiramide nella Piramo e Tisbe di Nicola Antonio Manfroce  by Carmelo Neri (In Italian)  (pp.9 -12)
Article on an aria from Manfoce's unfinished opera.

- A Donizetti manuscript in the British Library's Zweig collection by Christopher Scobie (pp.13-18)
The heirs of the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig gave a large collection of manuscripts to the British Library and includes this Donizetti piano duet which has been overlooked hitherto.

- Errico Petrella a Genova (Seconda parte) by Francesco Cento (in Italian) (pp.18-25)  
The second part of a short history of Petrella's time in Genoa.  The first part is in Newsletter 118.

- "Niente uccello, e' bordo": L'elisir d'amore at the Met by Charles Jernigan (pp.26-27)  
Comments on the recent production at the Metropolitan Opera, New York

- The rara avis: Lalla Roukh by Charles Jernigan (in Italian) (pp.27-30)  
Article on the recent production by Opera Lafayette of Félicien David's Lalla Roukh in Washington. See here

- Offence, offender, Ensor, censor, Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia in Brussels by Alexander Weatherson  (pp.32-33)
Commentary on the performance at the Cirque Royal in Brussels in February, 2013


Newsletter 120, October 2013

- The latest Mayr, Weigl and Donizetti cantatas current or coming on disc by Alexander Weatherson (p.4)

- Jumping in feet first and going deeper - Donizetti's account of Sappho's Leucadian Leap by Nicolas Trees (pp 6-13)
History and comparison of two versions of Donizetti's cantata Saffo

- Donizetti's "birthday" offering to Bertel Thorvaldsen by Alexander Weatherson (pp. 14-22)
The history surrounding Donizetti's contribution to the sculptor Thorvaldsen's birthday celebration. The article may be found here.

- L'atteso ritorno sulle scene del Don Checco di Nicola De Giosa by Paolo Ciarlantini (in Italian) (pp. 23-24)
The history surrounding the opera by De Giosa, a pupil of Donizetti.  The opera was revived earlier this year in Bari, his home town. An aria from it may be found here.  A detailed article on the composer by Alexander Weatherson can be found here.

- Errico Petrella e Genova by Francesco Cento (in Italian) (pp. 25-28)
The third part of a short history of Petrella's time in Genoa.  The first parts are in the previous two Newsletters.

- Lost Chords no longer by Alexander Weatherson (p. 29)
Quick overview of the new books out on Rubini, Pasta and Spontini.

- Da Napoli a Parigi, sulla Via Orobica by Chiara Plazzi (in Italian) (pp. 30-31)
Comments on Giorgio Appolonia's fictionalised autobiography of Donizetti: Cerchero Lontana Terra: Gaetano Donizetti, Il Racconto Della Mia Vita.

- Ei move i paralitici ... by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (pp. 32-33)
A review of Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore in Torino


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